Frequently Asked Questions

General Loft Conversion Questions

As each loft conversion can be very different in size, style and extras like en-suites etc... the time of the project is based on what you are having done within the project.

With 20 years experience we have averaged most of our loft conversions to be around 8 weeks but dependant on size and style this can be plus or minus two weeks.

You can check your ridge height with a standard tape measure, you will need a minimum of 2.2 metres for head height.

The best way to see if you can convert your loft is to give us a call and we would be glad to visit your property and assess the space. We will then be able to offer a free no obligation quotation.

If you’re thinking of getting a loft conversion it is a great idea – not only will that extra accommodation provide you and your family with more breathing space, but your home should also fetch a better price when you come to sell-up (around 20% more, in fact, according to the HomeOwners Association).

In other words, adding a loft conversion is a win-win – provided, that is, you get the renovation right from the start.

The biggest question we always get asked at TC Leonard Loft Conversions is cost as you can well imagine. A loft conversion can typically cost on average between £21,000 – £44,000 and this is dependant on the type of loft conversion, how many windows or dormers you require and of course other elements like the size of the conversion too.

At TC Leonard your Loft Conversion always starts with an informal chat about your ideas and requirements, throughout this process we will guide you to the best way of achieving this and also offering our ideas so we can make sure the end result is second to none. The initial meeting and quotation are completely free and there is absolutely no obligation, this process helps you get to know us as not just a company but individuals and be able to feel both the pride, knowledge and experience that we have for each and every project.

Providing ceilings do not need to be lowered, disruption is very minimal. All work is confined to the loft area and all heavy work will often be carried out using scaffolding on the exterior of your property.

We do actively advise customers to be involved in the project as it is ultimately your vision. Throughout the conversion we will update you on each stage and make sure you are happy.

When it comes to design and planning we do make sure you are involved but all the form filling and submissions we will take care of for you.

Ultimately we want to build your dream loft conversion with the least amount of hassle.

Contact us today for a free no obligation quote on our Loft Conversions and Extensions