Do you like what you see, is it what you’ve dreamt off but can’t afford?

Perhaps you’ve been turned down by your bank or mortgage lender, and so disheartened you stop looking for funding.

Well that is a familiar phrase to us; hence we decided to do something about it.

We hear on a daily basis sorry we love your ideas but can’t get the funding, so here at T.C.Leonard we decided to do something about it, and after a lot of research we have teamed up with an independent mortgage advisor.

Just a simple exercise of moving your existing mortgage to a new lender could make your dreams come true; you could have that Loft Conversion or extension carried out by ourselves. There have been a lot of cases where people have moved lender, obtained the extra funding for there build and even managed to reduce there monthly payments.

Radical Financial Services Ltd offer a range of services tailored to your needs from mortgages to pensions and all the providers are your High Street lenders. It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well why not think of this as your personal shopper. We have taken away that trudging up and down the high street lenders, all that time wasting to be told the computer says NO!!!! To just one click of a button. You could have that much needed extra space at little or in some cases No extra cost to your monthly budget. Well it is reality, so why not take the first step on the ladder of your dream and click the link button below to arrange a FREE NO OBLIGATION APPOINTMENT with Mark Badger to discuss your needs and options? Just one meeting and he will do all that work for you.

All of Radical Financial Services Ltd is provided independently to ourselves. None of your personal financial status will be shown to us.

We simply want you to achieve your dream, and for us to make that dream come true by building that Loft or extension for you, without the hassle and extra cost in moving house.